Launch of Little Joys – Little Voice

January 12th - Sunday 2020
Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India

Little Joys is a venture of Vridi Trust which provides services for the development of children facing difficulty in the areas of social skills, self-care, cognitive ability, communication and motor skills – the primary focus being not only the child but also the parents and relatives of the child. Vridi Trust provides training for parents in therapies, interventions and behavioural approaches.

Little Joys CRATE populary known as the LJ Crate which is filled with snippets over the
following 5 areas:

  • C -
  • R -
    Research & Development
  • A -
    Academic Excellence
  • T -
    Technology (Integration)
  • E -
    Educational Consulting
  • Our learning specialist helps students to do better both academically and behaviorally.