List of Upcoming Projects

  • Sensory note book for writing : Embossed note
  • Parent guide on developing speech using flash cards
  • Organic farm - roof gardening
  • OT materials for the children at home.
  • Awareness programs on the importance of sensory processing disorder : materials
  • Parent guide on Memory for these children
  • Parent guide on behavior, training and course materials.
  • Setting up sensory gym in and around each city for the access of the children .
  • Developing project based curriculum and conducting events for the public
  • Developing a resource center – This is the place where various services like occupational therapy, speech therapy, yoga, remedial education, behavioral intervention, diet therapy, music therapy, aroma therapy , energy therapy, flower therapy, varma, extra curricular, co- curricular activities, social skills, communication skills, Alternate medication , homeopathy, Yasko protocol, genetic therapy, sports ( Swimming , horse riding, trekking, etc), Vocational training.
upcoming projects upcoming projects