Hope Society

What is hope society

Hope society is a social initiative by Vridi to bring together like-minded individuals and institutions to advance the mission of helping children facing challenges in essential life skills. As a registered member of Hope Society you qualify for the following benefits:

  1. Get information on relevant topics (such as early recognition, therapy tools and intervention) from experts and other members.
  2. Get priority access to events and workshops organized by Vridi
  3. Get priority access to talks and presentations by eminent doctors, researchers and therapists
  4. Participate in periodic meetings to learn from others' experiences
  5. Get referrals for doctors, therapists

Events can be for parents and professionals who deal with children with Autism and Children with various difficulties. Events like conferences, workshops get professionals and parents under one roof where they can share information, facts and get to learn various things and different approach towards children with various difficulties in different environment.

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